France3D Futuna: Perfect textures and an amazing techno-industrial environment

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Since I’ve become a world explorer, I make it a point to constantly solicit my friends for LM’s to amazing places and builds found during their adventures in Second Life. Zachh Cale is one such friend who sent me a ticket to France3D Futuna a month or so ago. Upon my initial visit, I was in total awe. This has to be one of the most beautiful and well constructed sims I’ve been to. Okay, so some of that opinion could be due to the apparent steampunk influence found here. From past posts, many of you know I enjoy steampunk….but regardless this place is amazing.

So, I returned home, briefed Devin on the find and we began our preparations. After doing a little shopping for new shmexy steampunk duds…primarily for Devin ; ) we were ready for the full explore. The SLurl we’re providing will place you on the lower level of the sim, just below a tower wrapped in a winding staircase –

After the slow rez completes, I recommend climbing the staircase. Once at the top, you’ll have a full view of what’s before you and can choose your path accordingly. France3D Futuna seems to be a three-tiered city. The ground level contains shops, towers, museums, carnival rides and a full-scale Leviathan-style ship that you must see to believe. The industrial part of the city floats above the rest with steam hissing and gears churning. A long skywalk connects this area as well as connecting to small grassy rest areas along the walk (an odd sight for this all-metal environment). The lower tier (for which the entrance is a small island) is submerged…and comprised of workshops and interesting rooms …perfect for taking pics. If you have the Bristol Windlight setting, which many of us lost with Emerald, then I suggest using it here.

This is one of those places that is almost too amazing to properly describe in a short blog post. So, take a few minutes and go see it yourself. You can view the photostream of our adventure at

Also, be sure not to miss the Aeronautical Museum while at France3D Futuna…. you’ll find some amazing prim engineering there. Post comments about your explore for us to review and be sure to check back soon for the next adventure of SL World Explorers.



South Purden – Cari Lekebusch – State of the Art – Hybrid Productions: Amazing lighting on this gothic spooky sim

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Hello all and welcome to another installment of the SL World Explorers blog. For this little adventure, Devin and I dusted off our goth getup and prepared for a spooky little explore. The skin I’m wearing is by Hellfire Skins and was purchased at Potter’s Field (Slurl:, a place recommended to me by my good friend Aisling MacMoragh. My outfit is “Shadow Hunter” Dark by Dans Belgar. Devin also found her awesome sexy dress and horn combo while we were shopping at Potter’s Field. I’ll let her comment on the specifics.

I originally found South Purden via a photo post on Koinup, and once I visited knew it needed to be blogged. The build is awesome and after reading up on the notecards and web sites referenced on the sim, I realized that it was built to host Cari Lekebusch, a Swedish techo artist’s CD kickoff party. You can read Cari’s full profile here –

As you enter the sim (SLurl:, you’re immediately immersed in a spooky atmosphere complete with screams and nighttime sounds. A faceless phantom marks the landing point. You’ll find a teleport map at this location, but my suggestion is to follow the yellow tile pathway….and yes Devin did get tired of hearing me singing the age-old Wizard of Oz tune as we meandered our way down the road. The lighting here definitely lends itself to many great photo opportunities. So, be sure to check out all the little diversions off the pathway. There is even one place to stop and do a little pixel hookah smoking if you’re so inclined…lol. You can see our full photostream at

This road will take you to many cool little areas and as you travel. Be sure to look for the glowing white owl, lion and spider prims along the way. Right-clicking those items will give you some nice freebies left over from the CD release party. The path ends on the dance floor, featuring Cari’s stage and a techno laser show that also makes for great pics. I wish I would have known about this before the kickoff party, so I could have seen this DJ in action. I’ll simply have to watch his blog site in hopes that I can catch the next one.

Devin and I highly recommend checking out this build. Bring your camera, bring a sack lunch and check your fear of spiders at the door…mwha ha ha. Happy exploring everyone. We’re already working on our next post.

Follow the yellow brick road…follow the yellow brick road

See ya,

Jaded Wings: Step into the mystic world of dark fairies

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I ran across Jaded Wings one night while out exploring sims that I’d come across via pictures on the KoinUp web site. After first seeing the lighting and textures here, it was apparent that we had to do a dark fairy blog post from this location. The SLurl is

Devin and I set out to choose our explore costumes, which is half the fun you know. She quickly located a very sexy little dark elf outfit on XStreet, where I took a little longer and ended up buying an elven ranger outfit from Fire Horse. Yeah, yeah, I know we bought elven outfits to explore a fairy sim, but it’s all about having fun…right? …chuckling.

This sim is actually very well designed, is not too crowded and has somewhat of a path to lead you around. There are a number of places to take great photos and also some hidden pose balls here and there if you just want to relax and maybe even cuddle up with your fairy sweetie. We tried our best to take advantage of the lighting and some cool angles to really show off this location. You can see the full photostream from our adventure here: Pay extra attention to the glowing grasses and the textures of the trees as you explore.

So, if you’re into role-playing sims, or have been looking for a place to take some really awesome pics, then we have to recommend Jaded Wings. Just be sure to watch over your shoulder as you explore…dark fairies could be hiding anywhere.

Happy exploring and watch for most posts soon!

Lashes of Earth by Kolor Fall: An Artist’s Virtual Playground

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It’s been a while since our last post. So, I wanted to do a quick write up for Lashes of Earth at KolorFall, for which the explore was completed a while back, in order to kick the SL World Explorer’s blog back into gear.

Lashes of Earth is different than most sims that we’ve blogged about in that it’s a testing ground and a blank canvas for SL artist Kolor Fall. We discovered the sim during an old fashion map jump session. Map jumping is something I used to do alot in my early SL days. You simply go into map view, scan around until you find an interesting looking sim or an area with lots of people, and then you teleport…lol. And yes it has gotten me into trouble a couple of times. On this particular night I jumped into Lashes of Earth at and brought Devin in right behind. As we were exploring the colorful mountain ranges, interactive art exhibits and underwater playground, we met Kolor Fall. We spoke to him for a while which sparked a new SL friendship with a very creative artist. Kolor seems very happy to tell you about his sim and projects going on there, including an illuminated art exhibit by Glyph Graves.

I suggest that everyone stop by and explore this place on your own. Feel free to touch things and see how they work. Before you know it, you’ll have spent two hours dancing on floating blocks or touching the artwork just to see pieces float out in front of you. The photostream of our explore can be found at

Watch for another SL World Explorer post coming very soon!

See ya,

Cetus, The Conflagration: Amazing!

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Yes, that’s right…Amazing! That’s the only way I can describe this Second Life architectural masterpiece built by DB Bailey. I would like to share a few of my thoughts as well as photos Devin and I took while exploring, but they are in no way a substitute for putting your virtual feet on the shining roads of Cetus. Your SLurl to access the entry point is, where you’ll rez in the center of small burst fountains shooting water up from the floor. A quick look around should also reveal teleporters to Scottius Polke’s MushROOm exhibit, Maya Paris’s Loopy Love exhibit and Storm Cells by Oberon Onmura.

A great place to start exploring Cetus itself is to head up the glowing orange stairs close to the landing point. At the top of the stairs, take a left and walk to the end of the street. From here you get an awesome view of the architectural genius that went into building this sim. I’ve dabbled in SL building a little myself and know what it takes to reshape prim and get textures just right. That being said, I can’t imagine how much time and care was put into creating this exhibit.

Devin and I in our usual tradition, had to choose a clothing theme we felt would accent the build itself. So, Devin gave me a little makeover and we went with a future utopian professional sort of theme 😉 Most of our clothing for this shoot came from Lelutka and made for great photos. As a side note, I have to say Devin looked pretty hot in her professional gear…smile. The photosteam of our explorations can be viewed at

As you trek around the sim, you feel almost like you’re inside some technical glowing heaven…especially when you see the larger-than-life glowing angel statues adorning the streets. You’ll experience many of these sculpted statues, seating areas, giant floating eyeballs and hidden nooks as you explore Cetus. There is also a portion of the exhibit that allows you to teleport to the top of a building and then jump through holes connecting rooms while working your way back down to ground level. Each room is a unique combination of sound and visual blended to stimulate your senses.

Before you leave, be sure to check out the architectural projects on display by DB Bailey’s real life persona, David Denton. He has a museum area dedicated to these projects in one corner of the sim. Cam around and you’ll easily find it.

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings about this amazing SL build and decide to stop by to see it firsthand. You’ll be in left in awe.

Until next time…Happy Exploring!


More information about Cetus provided by Zachh Cale:

Imagine being able to actually walk into one’s inventory. A great storage room filled with oddities the original purpose of which has been long forgotten.  It is sometimes too easy to recycle those old textures and objects. Sometimes in order to move on to new realms, one has to clean out the attic. Sometimes a good old bonfire is the best solution. So DB Bailey’s inventory high above CETUS is in flames. Soon to be gone forever. Amongst these artifacts are revised or forgotten works works by :

Patch Thibaud,
Selavy Oh,
Keystone Brouchard,
Glyph Graves,
Eshi Otawara,
Nomad Molly Nostrum,
Pumpkin Tripsa,
Chrome Underwood

You are invited to come visit the conflagration and final days of CETUS. The fire will rage through mid-March, at which time the history of CETUS will come to an end. And DB Bailey will start afresh with a whole new box of toys.

See anything  you want?….just ask DB, if he owns it, he might give it to you!

Racers Island Raceway: Professional style racing in SL

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Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an expert on racing by any means. I am, however, a World Explorer and a guy…so I can appreciate the time and planning it takes to construct something like Racers Island Raceway. I’ve been to this sim several times to enjoy my custom GT500, built by Abacus Mimistrobell and given to me as a gift by someone special. On my last visit I thought, hey this would be something a little different to blog about.

To access the sim, follow and you’ll end up in the very center of the shopping area. Here you can purchase racing clothing, biker clothing, cars, bikes, go-carts, etc. from most of the major vendors in SL. There are some very cool items here for sale. Be sure to at least window shop a little. Don’t have a car or Lindens to purchase one? Some of the tracks at Racers Island allow you to rez 60 minute demo cars to try it out.

Racers Island boasts 8 phenomenal tracks to choose from all of which we tried out personally. Each track has its own unique theme from dark city garage to neon-lined highway. Devin and I decided to invite a friend along and pull out our cars for the photostream of the explore. You can take a look at

You can obtain an information note card near the landing point referenced above that describes the sim as follows:

“Whether you are looking to see the cutting edge of what is brilliant building in Second Life, or you like to zoom in realistic fast cars and tracks that adhere to first life physics, or simply like to find super shopping and a place to gather with friends and relax in our spacious Racers Lounge -Racers Island is a must see spot in Second Life!”

There are some rules…yes rules…all of which are also provided in that same card. One important thing to remember is that the sim is closed during races to minimize lag. The schedule for races is as follows:

Racers Island League
Tuesdays – Formula 1 @ 5:30 pm slt
Thursdays – Drift Racing @ 5:30 pm slt
Sundays – Stock Car @ 5:30 pm slt

You should also check out Racers Island’s own blog at for more photos, information or just to stay up-to-date on SL racing. Hope everyone enjoys this explore and be sure to watch for the next one coming very soon. We’re prepping for it now : )


Neverland: Being shipwrecked on an island has never been so spectacular

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On our maiden pirate voyage across the vast seas of the SL Grid, Devin and I accidentally beached the ship along the shores of the Neverland sim. At first it looked deserted and overgrown. As we cautiously disembarked and began to explore the shores, however, we soon found many signs of recent activity. In this post we’d like to share a few highlights of that adventure. We suggest you visit yourself to experience this amazing build –

The owner of the sim describes it as:

“A recreation of JMB’s most perfect creation. Neverland Lives! Visit Mermaid Lagoon, Skull Rock, the home of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, the Indian Camp, the secret caves and much much more….!”

The ship hit land near an old rickety pier which acts as the entry to the island. Devin decided to stretch out in the sun for a while and take a nap to prepare us for the journey. Many areas of the sim are best accessed by flying around the island.

As we flew up the hill from the pier we started to notice civilization among the trees. Small island homes aligned the tops of the hills, and on closer inspection were actually rentable weekly for a very reasonable fee. While exploring, we sat by the fire in a little Indian village, lounged by the lily pad pond, explored among the mushroom fields and found some very cool little hidden areas. I think my favorite area of this build is the skull island. This is a great place for taking pics and on the backside of the skulls you’ll find a platform perfect for snuggling with the one you love. The photostream of our adventure can be seen at

In the end we were able to convince a few wandering mermaids to assist in pushing our ship back out to sea so we could sail safely back to our lives. The build here is def worth checking out. The textures and lighting are awesome, resulting in a photo opportunity around every corner. So take an hour one night to go explore Neverland…you’ll be glad you did.