Racers Island Raceway: Professional style racing in SL

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an expert on racing by any means. I am, however, a World Explorer and a guy…so I can appreciate the time and planning it takes to construct something like Racers Island Raceway. I’ve been to this sim several times to enjoy my custom GT500, built by Abacus Mimistrobell and given to me as a gift by someone special. On my last visit I thought, hey this would be something a little different to blog about.

To access the sim, follow http://slurl.com/secondlife/Racers%20Island/128/128/22 and you’ll end up in the very center of the shopping area. Here you can purchase racing clothing, biker clothing, cars, bikes, go-carts, etc. from most of the major vendors in SL. There are some very cool items here for sale. Be sure to at least window shop a little. Don’t have a car or Lindens to purchase one? Some of the tracks at Racers Island allow you to rez 60 minute demo cars to try it out.

Racers Island boasts 8 phenomenal tracks to choose from all of which we tried out personally. Each track has its own unique theme from dark city garage to neon-lined highway. Devin and I decided to invite a friend along and pull out our cars for the photostream of the explore. You can take a look at http://www.flickr.com/photos/gavingarfield/sets/72157623247928233/.

You can obtain an information note card near the landing point referenced above that describes the sim as follows:

“Whether you are looking to see the cutting edge of what is brilliant building in Second Life, or you like to zoom in realistic fast cars and tracks that adhere to first life physics, or simply like to find super shopping and a place to gather with friends and relax in our spacious Racers Lounge -Racers Island is a must see spot in Second Life!”

There are some rules…yes rules…all of which are also provided in that same card. One important thing to remember is that the sim is closed during races to minimize lag. The schedule for races is as follows:

Racers Island League
Tuesdays – Formula 1 @ 5:30 pm slt
Thursdays – Drift Racing @ 5:30 pm slt
Sundays – Stock Car @ 5:30 pm slt

You should also check out Racers Island’s own blog at http://racers-island-raceway.blogspot.com/ for more photos, information or just to stay up-to-date on SL racing. Hope everyone enjoys this explore and be sure to watch for the next one coming very soon. We’re prepping for it now : )



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