Steelhead Shanghai: Asian-themed steampunk and awesome architecture

Ah it’s good to be back! With the holidays and yeah a little procrastination on my part, it’s been a while since my last post to the SL World Explorers blog. Alas, I’m still alive and exploring the far reaches of SL for awesome builds and fun things to do.

For this explore Devin and I reverted back to blogging another steampunk sim. Why you ask? Because we like steampunk it seems : ) Steelhead Shanghai is part of a much larger group of steampunk themed sims collectively called Stealhead. For this post, we’re only concentrating on the asian themed area. As usual, we started by getting into character. I dropped by the Black Opal store located at Steelhead Shanghai and picked up a cool airship pilot outfit and a pair of black lace up boots. Devin decided to wear a little more clothing than usual…chuckling…and went with a full kimono. Her outfit consisted of the Kimono and Hakama Gakudan from Nonko as well as the Hermia Scarlet Red hair from ETD.

We initially rezzed into the sim at This is a great central starting point for your explore. As the city begins to rez, you’ll immediately notice the asian-style architecture and the fact that a lot of care went into the building of this town. The waterways are aligned with intricate little flatboats as we’ll as fantastically-shaped steam-powered vessels. If you’re using the Emerald Viewer, you should test some of the new lighting settings while at Steelhead. They make for awesome pics. Go to WORLD > ENVIRONMENTAL SETTINGS > ENVIRONMENTAL EDITOR. Then click on the ADVANCED SKY EDITOR button and choose from the Sky presets.

Be sure to explore each building to get the full feel for the city. Click on the gongs placed throughout the city to hear them thunder, take a load off in one of the small bath houses, or stop by the sake bar if you need a little something to wet your whistle. There are also a number of stores scattered throughout the sim to purchase steampunk and asian-themed items. 

While exploring we ran into Caliburn Susanto who was taking photos for his flicker photo set, “365 days”. Check it out at His photo shoots are pretty amazing.

As we were finishing up our explore near the large asian tower, I ran into a local named Krystine Qinan who shared her thoughts on Steelhead and also gave some additional reference information.

Krystine says “Steelhead is a place of warmth, friendship, and above all else….fun! We are truly a community, in every sense of the word. Our weekly town hall meetings keep us laughing, and we always have a Friday night event planned. Anyone interested in joining the merry madness can check out our Ning at or our newspaper/blog (of which I, Krystine, am the Editor) at Did I mention I love Steelhead? :-)”

As I close out this post I’d just like to add that I very much enjoyed the detailed architecture at Steelhead…maybe more than any sim I’ve explored up to this point. I definitely recommend checking it out, and who knows maybe you were even meant to become part of the community.

Check out the full photostream for this explore at

Happy exploring and watch for our next post very soon. You can join the World Explorers group in Second Life to receive new blog post notices and occasional notes about cool places to explore.


One Response to “Steelhead Shanghai: Asian-themed steampunk and awesome architecture”

  1. Hey, Gavin! You missed the opium den in the cellar of the hotel (thru the secret doorway under the back stairs!). And did you see the apothecary in the red caboose?

    Thanks for visiting Shanghai, your one stop shop for nefarious deeds, strange herbs (including Mr Sung’s Own Formulation of Dragon Pain Balm as well as Elegia’s Elixir) & temporary naval staff for the return leg of the Shanghai run. … Among other things. 🙂

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