France3D Futuna: Perfect textures and an amazing techno-industrial environment

Since I’ve become a world explorer, I make it a point to constantly solicit my friends for LM’s to amazing places and builds found during their adventures in Second Life. Zachh Cale is one such friend who sent me a ticket to France3D Futuna a month or so ago. Upon my initial visit, I was in total awe. This has to be one of the most beautiful and well constructed sims I’ve been to. Okay, so some of that opinion could be due to the apparent steampunk influence found here. From past posts, many of you know I enjoy steampunk….but regardless this place is amazing.

So, I returned home, briefed Devin on the find and we began our preparations. After doing a little shopping for new shmexy steampunk duds…primarily for Devin ; ) we were ready for the full explore. The SLurl we’re providing will place you on the lower level of the sim, just below a tower wrapped in a winding staircase –

After the slow rez completes, I recommend climbing the staircase. Once at the top, you’ll have a full view of what’s before you and can choose your path accordingly. France3D Futuna seems to be a three-tiered city. The ground level contains shops, towers, museums, carnival rides and a full-scale Leviathan-style ship that you must see to believe. The industrial part of the city floats above the rest with steam hissing and gears churning. A long skywalk connects this area as well as connecting to small grassy rest areas along the walk (an odd sight for this all-metal environment). The lower tier (for which the entrance is a small island) is submerged…and comprised of workshops and interesting rooms …perfect for taking pics. If you have the Bristol Windlight setting, which many of us lost with Emerald, then I suggest using it here.

This is one of those places that is almost too amazing to properly describe in a short blog post. So, take a few minutes and go see it yourself. You can view the photostream of our adventure at

Also, be sure not to miss the Aeronautical Museum while at France3D Futuna…. you’ll find some amazing prim engineering there. Post comments about your explore for us to review and be sure to check back soon for the next adventure of SL World Explorers.



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