SLurl Reference

This page provides quick access to the SLurl references for places we’ve blogged

France 3D Futuna (Amazing steampunk build)

South Purden (Goth event sim – possibly temporary)

Jaded Wings (Dark fairy roleplay)

Lashes of Earth by Kolor Fall (An artist’s virtual canvas)

Cetus: The Conflagration (No words to describe this masterpiece)

Racers Island Raceway (Fun with friends – You can rez a car here)

Neverland (Roleplay and adventure)

Steelhead Shanghai (Asian-themed steampunk roleplay)

Action Surf & Sk8te (Surfing, skating and shopping)

Carnivale Amusement Park (Great date sim)

Photon’s Castle (Cartoon-style wonderland)

Gotham City (Roleplaying hero-style)

Albero (Colorful shopping – great build)

Babbage Square (7 Sims of Steampunk)
   Industrial Steampunk Megaplex SLurl:
   Babbage Square SLurl:
   The Phun Phactory SLurl:

Dublin (Irish Sim)

Enscharys (Castles, games and great lighting)

Glendalough (Irish Sim)

Heaven4D Ultra Dome (Cyberpunk with latex and lights)
   Heaven4D Entrance SLurl:
   Cyber Bunker Shopping Mall SLurl:
   Zombie Firing Range:

Insilico (Cybertech urban landscape for role playing and great photos)

Rainy Town @ Creamshop (Shopping in a realistic thunderstorm)

Tol Narwa Vire (Elvish fantasy and role playing)


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