Lashes of Earth by Kolor Fall: An Artist’s Virtual Playground

It’s been a while since our last post. So, I wanted to do a quick write up for Lashes of Earth at KolorFall, for which the explore was completed a while back, in order to kick the SL World Explorer’s blog back into gear.

Lashes of Earth is different than most sims that we’ve blogged about in that it’s a testing ground and a blank canvas for SL artist Kolor Fall. We discovered the sim during an old fashion map jump session. Map jumping is something I used to do alot in my early SL days. You simply go into map view, scan around until you find an interesting looking sim or an area with lots of people, and then you teleport…lol. And yes it has gotten me into trouble a couple of times. On this particular night I jumped into Lashes of Earth at and brought Devin in right behind. As we were exploring the colorful mountain ranges, interactive art exhibits and underwater playground, we met Kolor Fall. We spoke to him for a while which sparked a new SL friendship with a very creative artist. Kolor seems very happy to tell you about his sim and projects going on there, including an illuminated art exhibit by Glyph Graves.

I suggest that everyone stop by and explore this place on your own. Feel free to touch things and see how they work. Before you know it, you’ll have spent two hours dancing on floating blocks or touching the artwork just to see pieces float out in front of you. The photostream of our explore can be found at

Watch for another SL World Explorer post coming very soon!

See ya,


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