Neverland: Being shipwrecked on an island has never been so spectacular

On our maiden pirate voyage across the vast seas of the SL Grid, Devin and I accidentally beached the ship along the shores of the Neverland sim. At first it looked deserted and overgrown. As we cautiously disembarked and began to explore the shores, however, we soon found many signs of recent activity. In this post we’d like to share a few highlights of that adventure. We suggest you visit yourself to experience this amazing build –

The owner of the sim describes it as:

“A recreation of JMB’s most perfect creation. Neverland Lives! Visit Mermaid Lagoon, Skull Rock, the home of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, the Indian Camp, the secret caves and much much more….!”

The ship hit land near an old rickety pier which acts as the entry to the island. Devin decided to stretch out in the sun for a while and take a nap to prepare us for the journey. Many areas of the sim are best accessed by flying around the island.

As we flew up the hill from the pier we started to notice civilization among the trees. Small island homes aligned the tops of the hills, and on closer inspection were actually rentable weekly for a very reasonable fee. While exploring, we sat by the fire in a little Indian village, lounged by the lily pad pond, explored among the mushroom fields and found some very cool little hidden areas. I think my favorite area of this build is the skull island. This is a great place for taking pics and on the backside of the skulls you’ll find a platform perfect for snuggling with the one you love. The photostream of our adventure can be seen at

In the end we were able to convince a few wandering mermaids to assist in pushing our ship back out to sea so we could sail safely back to our lives. The build here is def worth checking out. The textures and lighting are awesome, resulting in a photo opportunity around every corner. So take an hour one night to go explore Neverland…you’ll be glad you did.



3 Responses to “Neverland: Being shipwrecked on an island has never been so spectacular”

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  2. Exuberance LaFleur Says:

    We followed the slurl. we landed inside a small box completely surrounded by the Red-Fence-of-Friendship. guess they don’t like visitors anymore

    • slworldexplorers Says:

      That’s good to know, although not the best stretagy for them to rent out houses on their sim. You’d think they’d want to show off the cool build to others. Hope everyone enjoys the pics we took if you’re not able to get in.

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