Second Life World Explorers
I started this group in early 2007 as a way to share some of the cool builds that I came across during my in-world explorations with others who were interested. It was a grand plan at the time, but one that was pushed to the back of my priority list as other interests, and yes even real life took more precedence. When I decided the other week to start blogging some of my adventures in SL, it only made sense to tie it back to the World Explorer group. So, I want to ask that you join the group in-world by searching for me and then looking at my groups list for World Explorers. The enrollment is open. I’d also love to hear about some of the cool places you’ve visited, or if you’d like to become a guest blogger just let me know.

Gavin Garfield (Gavs)
Woot! Yeah it’s me here…Gavin Garfield. Some of you may know me or have seen me at a show, etc. The next time you do, say hi. I’m a pretty easy-going guy…lol. Most of my friends know I’m just a cut-up. I joined Second Life in December 2006 one evening after hearing about it at several communication conferences and from work colleagues. I remember rezzing into a community area stark naked and wondering, okay what do I do now. It didn’t take long for me to figure it out and I was off and running with my play-doh hair and some clothes I made with freebie Celtic textures…lol. Now, two years later I’m a lot wiser about what SL is and has to offer…not to mention my avatar looks a little more realistic now.  I’ve met alot of people, real people with real feelings, thoughts and voices who have become great friends over time, including musicians, builders, business people, designers, students and higher education professionals.  I cherish each one.

In SL, the things that amaze me most are the results of peoples imaginations when set loose with a blank canvas and brush. There are some amazing builds and fascinating artwork in Second Life. I love to hop around the map to cool and different places to see what people have built…to try things out and play (virtually touch and feel).

In real life I’m a communication professional and great with technology. Some of my friends know more about me than that, but for the most part I keep my two lives separated. Yes, that’s hard to do…lol, and after 2 years I’ve still not perfected it. But that’s me in a nutshell : )


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