South Purden – Cari Lekebusch – State of the Art – Hybrid Productions: Amazing lighting on this gothic spooky sim

Hello all and welcome to another installment of the SL World Explorers blog. For this little adventure, Devin and I dusted off our goth getup and prepared for a spooky little explore. The skin I’m wearing is by Hellfire Skins and was purchased at Potter’s Field (Slurl:, a place recommended to me by my good friend Aisling MacMoragh. My outfit is “Shadow Hunter” Dark by Dans Belgar. Devin also found her awesome sexy dress and horn combo while we were shopping at Potter’s Field. I’ll let her comment on the specifics.

I originally found South Purden via a photo post on Koinup, and once I visited knew it needed to be blogged. The build is awesome and after reading up on the notecards and web sites referenced on the sim, I realized that it was built to host Cari Lekebusch, a Swedish techo artist’s CD kickoff party. You can read Cari’s full profile here –

As you enter the sim (SLurl:, you’re immediately immersed in a spooky atmosphere complete with screams and nighttime sounds. A faceless phantom marks the landing point. You’ll find a teleport map at this location, but my suggestion is to follow the yellow tile pathway….and yes Devin did get tired of hearing me singing the age-old Wizard of Oz tune as we meandered our way down the road. The lighting here definitely lends itself to many great photo opportunities. So, be sure to check out all the little diversions off the pathway. There is even one place to stop and do a little pixel hookah smoking if you’re so inclined…lol. You can see our full photostream at

This road will take you to many cool little areas and as you travel. Be sure to look for the glowing white owl, lion and spider prims along the way. Right-clicking those items will give you some nice freebies left over from the CD release party. The path ends on the dance floor, featuring Cari’s stage and a techno laser show that also makes for great pics. I wish I would have known about this before the kickoff party, so I could have seen this DJ in action. I’ll simply have to watch his blog site in hopes that I can catch the next one.

Devin and I highly recommend checking out this build. Bring your camera, bring a sack lunch and check your fear of spiders at the door…mwha ha ha. Happy exploring everyone. We’re already working on our next post.

Follow the yellow brick road…follow the yellow brick road

See ya,


2 Responses to “South Purden – Cari Lekebusch – State of the Art – Hybrid Productions: Amazing lighting on this gothic spooky sim”

  1. Mabalot Tatham Says:

    I just went to this south purden area and there is nothing here but empty buildings, a club and gaming machines. 😦 Everything changed in less than a month?

    • slworldexplorers Says:

      It could very well have, but I’ll check it out. This sim seems to have been built out for a specific purpose…which had passed, though I truely thought it would remain in tact long enough for some of you to visit.

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