Action Surf & Sk8te: Virtual Surfs Up Dude!

Well, Before the official end of summer, Devin and I were attempting to take a little beach vacay. In the process, however, we came across the Action Surf & Sk8te sim which was so cool that we decided to go back on the clock to bring you a little explore action.

As you enter the sim at you’ll be in the center of town surrounded by shops specializing in surf/skate hair, swim suits, boards, shoes, accessories and vehicles. There are dune buggies designed for any taste. Devin and I perused the shops, buying some swim gear, before making our way to the skate park in one of the back alleys. I’m not a skater and don’t know all the terminology, but the park seemed to include every type of ramp and trick area imaginable.

Devin had found a hot little bikini in one of the shops which she was ready to try out at the beach, so we headed to the pier, called the “Action Extreme Zone.” Now this was the coolest part of the explore. On the beach is a terminal that allows you to rez a demo surf board or you can bring your own. You can paddle the board out into the water and actually interactively surf the giant waves as they roll in. Clicking the board gives you a hud to attach and enable some pretty complicated surf tricks. Before we knew it, we’d spent almost an hour surfing and taking photos for the blog…lol. We had lots of fun in the process. When surfing, you’ll also notice a pirate ship out in the water which is fully furnished and makes for some great pirate role matey!

We highly recommend checking out Active Surf & Sk8te. It’s a great place to take a date or just to have some SL fun on your own. Check out the photostream from the explore here – The surfable waves are also sold in the stores on the island and can be incorporated into your own build.

Happy surfing,


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