Carnivale Amusement Park: Coasters, copters and cotton candy

For this installment of the SL World Explorers blog, Devin and I decided that we needed to put ourselves into the shoes of two college kids…which isn’t too hard considering I’m just a kid at heart anyway. We first needed to secure a few items to pull off the youthful look…lol. So that meant backpacks, headphones, new clothes and accessories most of which were purchased at Dinzeo and Gritty Kitty. Devin can comment and add more about the shopping experience if she likes. My manly tattoos and big guns were a little harder to camouflage, however, in order to pull off the look…chuckling.

This explore was at an amazing ride park called Carnivale Amusement Park that covered an entire sim, Carnivale Quarry. The entrance is located at It looks as if the park actually acts as a huge showroom for the many rides that the park owner has for sale or rent. They have the widest assortment of rides I’ve seen anywhere in SL – from ferris wheels to waterslides, tour copters to shooting galleries. Even if it is primarily a showroom, Carnivale Amusement Park still makes a terrific spot to take a date.

We started out by taking the giant waterslide for a spin. Okay…okay, I pushed Devin down fully clothed and then flew to the bottom to watch her come down ringing wet…lol. We were playing the role of immature teens ya know. While at the bottom waiting, I met Sean Dorchester and his wife…a very cool guy. Here’s what he had to say about the build:

“Carnivale Amusement Park is vividly decorated and has plenty of rides and attractions. It’s a well planned sim and I will definately return again.”

Devin and I then hopped on a tour copter, little two-man flying cars stationed around the sim that are very simple to navigate with only arrows and page-up, page-down. Take one for a spin. It’s the fastest way to see this monstrous sim. After landing, we rode the gravitron, the log flumes, the spook house, roller coaster and even took some time to try out our skills at the shooting range. For the most part, I was just watching Devin shoot… she’s actually a great shot and very cute to watch with a gun…I must say.

The lighting at Carnivale Amusement Park is simply fabulous; Coupled with sim’s vivid coloration, this ambiance makes for some really cool photos around the park. Most of the rides are also equipped with animations and facial expressions to help further enhance the photo fun.

So grab your baby or just a friend and head on over to Carnivale Amusement Park at Carnivale Quarry. You’ll need a few hours to really explore the sim in it’s entirety…but I promise you won’t regret it.

Want to see the photostream from our explore? Go to

Happy explorin’,


One Response to “Carnivale Amusement Park: Coasters, copters and cotton candy”

  1. Atom Burma Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, glad you guys had so much fun at my park;>

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