Photon’s Castle: Candyland meets the World of Willy Wonka

We’re back! Chuckling…yes, it’s been a month now since the last World Explorer post. I am still alive…woot! Life has been very hectic for the past few weeks making it very difficult to find time and motivation to post.

Before my brief sabbatical, Devin and I explored a little sim called Photon’s Castle. We posted the photostream soon after the explore, but I’m just now getting to the blog post ( This is quite an amazing little explore which I discovered while looking through places photos at To dress the part, Devin bought a cute little candy girl outfit and I found a Willy Wonka hat and cane…perfect! As we teleported in onto the front steps of the castle…the first thought that came to my mind was “technicolor dream”. I bet that’s exactly how Dorothy felt when she first arrived in OZ and was overwhelmed by color and frivoloties (yeah yeah! so the original was in black and white…before my time…lol). The SLurl to access Photon’s is

We decided to walk the cobblestone trail circling the island before heading into the castle. As you walk along the meandering trail you’ll experience ice cream mountain, the giant orange bloom tree, sea creatures of vivid color and lots of little nooks and crannies off the beaten track. At one point I was even chased by a swarm of angry bees 😛 All I could think of was the thousands of times I’d played Candyland as a kid where you bypassed your opponent over the gumdrop mountains, or got bogged down in molasses swamp.

As we entered the castle from the backside, it was a multi-leveled store with a club on the basement level, Club Photon – SLurl: The build inside was just as amazing with a giant clock of animated gears that spanned the entire height of the castle. The many colorful stained glass windows also caught my attention. There is no shortage of crazy items to buy at Photon’s including jewelry, accessories and furniture. If you look hard enough, you’ll also find plenty of freebies.

So, hop on over to Photon’s Castle…just be sure to wear your red slippers in case SL is borked when you try to tp home 😉



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