Gotham City: So you want to be a hero? Second Life makes it possible….

One of the coolest things about virtual reality/Second Life is that your imagination is unlimited. You can be whoever you want to be, whenever you want to be and however you want to be it. Yes, you can even be a super hero…superman, batman or even be a little more creative and roll-your-own character. In this blog post, we concentrate on the Gotham City sim. Gotham is a moderated role playing sim that allows you to explore wearing tights, capes and masks while you roam the streets under an ever-lit moon. Sounds a little kinky ūüėČ Actually, Gotham City is a very cool build and contains many buildings familiar to fans, that include Queen Industries and Arkham Asylum. The SLurl provided will drop you on a steel landing where you can request a notecard with sim rules – If you plan to explore the sim without roleplaying, follow the notecard to request an object that once worn labels you as a Gotham City Observer, thus keeping the creatures of the night from mistaking you as prey…Ah, if only real life was so easy…lol.

In order to get into the mood, Devin and I went shopping for themed outfits. She settled on a sexy little bat girl outfit, while I purchased a very detailed batman suit at Daviau Designs, Gotham City’s premiere hero outfit shopping center. To jump directly to this 9-level store, use this SLurl – The suit came complete with gestures and a hero¬†AO for only $500L, which was surprising. I had fun wearing all the gadgets and attachments, but you’ll notice in the photos I chose not to wear Batman’s signature mask. It takes a lot of hair products and time in front of the mirror every morning to achieve Gavin’s signature hair spike, and I’m sure not going to ruin it with a full-head mask…lol.

Before we began to explore, I adjusted my environment settings just a bit to increase the blue ambient lighting. This results in a nice neon halo affect that adds alot of character to your photos in dark midnight sims. If you’re not sure how to do this, select the ADVANCED SKY option under ENVIRONMENT SETTINGS, and from there choose the LIGHTING tab. You can drag the slider for the blue ambiant light setting there and will immediately notice the chance on your screen. Simply adjust to your preference.

After dressing for the occassion and adjusting settings, the two of us crept through the dimly-lit, crime infested streets of Gotham City to experience an evil ferris wheel ride, dancing at the Iceberg Lounge which was a cool build in itself, slinking through the halls of Arkham Asylum, Queen Industries, Wayne Industries, jumping across the roof tops and much more. At one point Devin was even stopped by Gotham’s finest, Lieutenant Jerry Hennelly, played by Michael Moonites. I had to fly in and save the day when he was just about to cuff her…hmmm…wonder what she was up to…lol. I also noticed Cat Woman, played by Charic Uladstron, climbing up the side of the building just above us. She seemed in a hurry, maybe running away from her latest jewell heist.

Whether you enjoy roleplaying, super heroes, or just dressing up in tights, you definately want to take a look at Second Life’s Gotham City. At the very least, the underground techno music, dark atmosphere and interesting builds makes it a cool place to hang out and explore.

As always, the World Explorer team is¬†already hard at work planning for the next explore. So keep you eyes peeled, and in the meantime feel free to drop us a comment about sims you’d like to see us explore, your comments, etc.

The photostream for this explore can be accessed at

See ya soon РGavs


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