Enscharys: Wonderful blend of culture, lighting and romance – ummm, and a game we missed

Devin and I try to set aside at least one night per week to scope out new explore points. We’ve come across some awesome places that people have put much of their minds, hearts and time into. We usually blog the one that really stands out and almost calls our names. Enscharys was exactly that type of build. Devin suggested it and as soon as she TPed me and I rezzed into the center of giant white pillars towering above me, coupled with magical lighting, I got that feeling.

As you all know, and as you’ll see in the photos from this explore, Devin and I decided to theme dress in true world explorer fashion. When we scoped out the sim, it immediately reminded me of like a Gor role playing sim…so I suggested silks to Devin. We did a little shopping and found some not-so-revealing silks. Although Devin is a hottie, we’re professionals here ya know 😉 So, I ask her what I should wear because neither of us know a thing about Gor role playing (don’t squint at me…lol). She pointed me to a shirtless gladiator outfit…chuckling. Now I’m not sure how much gladiators and Gor go together, but Devin liked it, so Gavin’s showin’ some skin too in this post.

Since Enscharys is a fairly new build, I IMed one of the owners to see if she wanted to give us some in-sight into the sim. Loulou Riverview sent me a reply back saying:

“…the thing we tried to do at Enscharys was build a place that was great to explore with lots of nooks and crannies to discover. We also added places to chill out with loved ones, whether friends or lovers. It is intended to be an interactive experience, hence the game where you have to find things and then use them for other purposes. There is a storyline that goes along with the game…the instructions are in the library”

I am very glad that Loulou sent this reply because Devin and I totally missed the game…sigh…we were apparently too busy marvelling at the lighting and structures.

This Slurl, http://slurl.com/secondlife/Enscharys/127/149/29, will put you on the steps very near the entrance to the castle. You’ll immediately feel the heat of the fiery forest very near by. As you look around, you may start to feel a culture blend that for me was almost Celtic, meets Mediterranean, meets Asian. I know that sounds a little odd, but it’s so well architected that the blend is beautiful. There are circular elevator tiles in each castle room that take you up higher into the tower. You’ll visit the armory, throne room, spa, to name a few…all complete with nice poses and lighting features. I was amazed at the weapons in the armory and the apparent quality design of each. 

After exploring the castle we took to the ground, finding great little cuddle spots, forested areas, sky archways, fire pits and even a flying sampan that can be rezzed for exploring the skies. The sampan is equipped with a cozy little pose for two to enjoy while flying around the sim. If you like what you see, there is a store at the center of the build, where most of the items you see can be purchased. Be sure to stop by the store and support Loulou and fellow owners. Land in SL isn’t cheap ya know.

So, take my advice on this one and stop by Enscharys. I think you’ll definately be enticed into exploring deeper.

To view the photostream of this explore visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/gavingarfield/sets/72157617361482525/.

Loulou Riverview has many more pics in her Flickr photostream, found here http://www.flickr.com/photos/loulouriverview/.

Watch for another post soon and happy exploring!


2 Responses to “Enscharys: Wonderful blend of culture, lighting and romance – ummm, and a game we missed”

  1. Loulou Riverview Says:

    Thank you Gavin for such a nice piece 🙂 Not sure how you missed the game hehe but glad you enjoyed it anyway 🙂

  2. fiona blaylock Says:

    I guess the fox didnt approach you and tell you your death was his passion.
    Arent you the lucky ones!

    Once I collected bits and pieces of the story, which are in books in every room, I started having some fun playing the game.

    You are right, it is a beautiful sim, and fun, too.

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