Albero: Shopping in a technicolor dream

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted to the World Explorers’ blog, due to taking a little real life exploring trip. With this post however, I plan to kick things back into gear by blogging about Albero, a very cool little build I ran across accidentally.

Sometimes I search for out of the ordinary phrases hoping I might come across the ultimate hidden explore…lol. I can’t even remember what I was searching for the other night, but one of the results led me to a place called Cioccolata shopping mall. As things rezzed around me, I felt a little like I was in a giant nursery rhyme. The giant-sized numbers, storybook characters and stairs leading up to the heavens had a definite Mother Goose-ness about them.

Because my draw distance is set high, I could see what looked like a very cool and colorful build up the hill from Cioccolata. So, like any good explorer I had to check it out. As I walked through the field of blue glow flowers and under the wooden sign with colorful letters reading ALBERO, I knew I’d found an interesting place to explore. At that point, I still hadn’t figured out that it was primarily a girl’s shopping mall…lol. The SLurl to put you in the middle of town is

I’m not an avid shopper by any means, but I found myself walking around the little town and admiring the build, the interesting textures, the dreamy colors and round-topped trees, the clock towers and windmills adorning many of the buildings in Albero. It was a treat to explore this place. I love the plankwood  textures of the walkways with grass growing between, and the street lights that add an extra dimension to the lighting. The colors and shapes are what make Albero so interesting though. It has a very clean technicolor look about it.

In addition to the shops, there are many events promoted throughout the mall including photo contests, painting contests, treasure hunts and music events. It’s definitely a must see, especially for you shopaholics who feel the need to drop some lindens while exploring…chuckling. Speaking of which…I had to take Devin back and show her the sim the next day. She wrote up the comment below for the blog:

Devin says: Albero features so many stores that it’s one of those places you’ll need an  hour or so to just wander. Pack those virtual wallets with some lindens people cuz there is so much to choose from. I chose a dress from the Sea Hole. Whimsical and interesting, their dresses remind me a little of some great 80’s videos but are modern at the same time.  My shoes are from R2 which is another store creating little works of art in the form of shoes for your avatar.  The builders of Albero shopping district, in my opinion, understand that the more interesting and beautiful the shopping environment, the more we’re gonna want to hang around, shop, discover and spend money. Albero is an experience and not just a shopping trip.

When you have a few free minutes, check this place out. You won’t be disappointed.

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