Heaven4D Ultra Dome: Latex and lights with an Asian flair…

Heaven4D-ULTRA: A great shot of the city
– the lighting here is awesome

In trying to decide where to explore next for the World Explorer blog, one place I had visited recently really stuck out in my mind as not only being an awesome explore, but also a great place to play and take pics…Heaven4D Ultra Dome. Originally, I came across this place while searching for other cyber-themed sims similar to Insilico. It took several days of exploring this vast area before I realized how much was actually here. It’s amazing…the textures and lighting in this place portray a futuristic Hong Kong feel that’s very different from any other sim I think I’ve visited.

This SLurl will put you at the entrance of the town square area: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Velbert/152/128/26. As you rez, you’ll immediately notice the city’s lighting. You’ll see only well-built supermarkets, bars and shops and a lot of signage, but this is just a small taste of Heaven4D. As you explore further you’ll experience musical lounges; latex clothing stores; some great fantasy art galleries; a strip club; skywalks; a firing range filled with dogs, zombies and aliens; hidden techno beaches; an underwater ice skating rink; an indoor race course as well as one up in the clouds where you can rez your own vehicle; and ultimately if you make it to the very top – the Heaven4D Ultra Dome. It’s like heaven where you dance in a ball of acid-trip colors…extremely cool.

One of the strange things about H4D is there is never anyone there when I stop by. I think I’ve run into only one person during the 3-4 times I’ve dropped by the sim. I’m wondering if it’s because of my time zone, or if this is a newer build and truly a well-kept secret. Regardless, Devin and I had fun roaming the sim and taking pics. At one point, Devin even had to try out the stripper stage, but it locked her in and I had to tp her back out…chuckling. I took a six wheeled racer for a spin which was fun. Compared to most SL vehicles, these offer very precise control via the keyboard. I did end up driving off the track and into the zombie pit (on purpose) where I took some nasty bites to the head before getting my seat belt off and running like hell…lol. Before we left, Devin also had to have a few latex items…souvenirs I suppose…ummhmm.

You have to go check out Heaven4D Ultra Dome! If you have even one adventure gene in your body then you’ll find this place to be an amazing build, and who knows you might even find something hidden there that we missed 😉 If so, comment it back to the blog.

A few additional notes:
To see the photostream from this explore visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/gavingarfield/sets/72157616186192307/

As in the past, Devin and I had to get into character before exploring, so it was time to go Cyberpunk…woot! Black latex is fun to shop for I have to admit, and Devin cut her hair into a punk mohawk just for the occasion. We did most of our shopping at Cyber Bunker before exploring H4D. Here’s the SLurl – http://slurl.com/secondlife/oralune/99/110/73

Also, the firing range at H4D is accessed by following the skywalk to the end and down into the ocean (it’s underwater). The SLurl to access that area directly is http://slurl.com/secondlife/Velbert/250/55/1

Happy exploring and watch for another post soon! -Gavs


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  1. slworldexplorers Says:

    This post was referenced by Wagner James Au in his New World Notes blog: http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2009/04/undiscovered-gem.html

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