Glendalough and Dublin: Exploring Irish SL to commemorate St. Patties Day…

Photo – Dublin: Taking a break from exploring for a little refreshment ; )
In the spirit of St. Patrick, and maybe because we were hoping to find a pot-o-gold along the way, Devin and I decided to explore a couple of Irish themed sims for this blog post. We had to have the full experience so we first decided to buy kilts in traditional Irish green. I had one from a party last year, but Devin had to go shopping…lol. Maybe she can comment on this post and tell us where it was we bought her outfit (I’m a typical guy who can never remember names of clothing stores…lol).

We started out in a little place called Glendalough. You begin your journey along a cobblestone walkway overlooking the ocean – The adjacent street is lined with Irish themed shops, and a bagpiper playing old Celtic tunes adorns the sidewalk. Devin had to attempt flirting with him to see if she could get him to mess up…chuckling…I don’t think he missed a beat. As we oriented ourselves to the sim, a crowd started to gather around us, apparently thinking we were part of the attraction because of our outfits. Taking advantage of our new found celebrity status, Devin announced that Gavin would now dance a jig for them…grrrr. I don’t even have a jig dance…lol. I probably could have made some great tips though : )

As we continued our explorations, we found many other hidden places including a relaxing stream, a nicely-built little abbey, a mysteriously cemetery under a thick covering of fog, colorful sailboats lining a boat dock and the cute little town square, where entries were on display for a photo competition…the theme was angels and there were some really cool shots. As we flew around, we saw multiple signs referencing a lighthouse, though we never found it. All in all, this is a great little sim to get you in the mood for the holiday. Be sure to also register for the treasure hunt when you first rez in.

After leaving Glendalough, we made a quick stop at Dublin for an ale and to see what the Irish might be cooking up for the week’s festivities. If you’ve never been to SL Dublin, you def need to visit. The SLurl is, which should put you right in the middle of town. This is by far one of my favorite re-creations in Second Life of a real world city. The detail is just so well done and the build is fairly expansive covering multiple sims. I’m just going to highlight a few things in this post, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Dublin truly deserves a World Explorer entry all it’s own.

The Blarney Stone Pub is a must see and most often is full of patrons enjoying a refreshing beverage, dancing or simply chatting with friends at the bar. The atmosphere is friendly and enjoyable and they tend to bring in live musicians on occasion. Devin and I grabbed a few drinks and for some reason the cheese plate on the counter intrigued me…mmmmm. After we stood and I steadied Devin’s swagger a little, we flew to the actual Blarney Stone, which required the traditional kissing of the stone. There are great picture opportunities all over this city.

While I was writing this entry I also remembered the parade floats and the fact that I need to mention them. Dublin has a major celebration all this week with events scheduled from the 15th-21st. These include parades, DJ events and live musicians including Kim Seifert, Max Kleene, Frogg Marlow and Norris Shepherd. The parade consists of some ingenious floats as well as the Highland Marching Band. This promises to be an awesome week of celebration at SL Dublin.

To see more photos of our adventures, check out my Flickr feed at We’d also love to hear what you think about our posts or if there are other places or things you’d like to see us concentrate on please drop us a comment.

See ya! Gavs


One Response to “Glendalough and Dublin: Exploring Irish SL to commemorate St. Patties Day…”

  1. Devin Oleander Says:

    Why yes Gavin, my beautiful get up was from a Touch of Ireland. If I could get up off my lazy irish butt I could put the slurl here. I promise to do so. I’m still recovering from St. Patrick’s day. 🙂 toodles.

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