Tol Narwa Vire (TNV): A little elvish role playing among the gypsies…

Tol Narwa Vire: Me resting and
watching Charlotte weave her web

Actually, Tol Narwa Vire has always been one of my favorite little exploring sims in Second Life. It hasn’t changed much since the first time I came across it over a year ago, but remains a great place to role play or to simply find a little quiet hide-away corner to cuddle in. The theme is what I would call hybrid-elvish…chuckling. The architecture reminds me a little of LOTR’s Elvish Rivendell complete with musical instruments to play, well-lit gardens and white archway bridges. It seems that a gypsy caravan and a pirate ship have found there way into this mystical elvish land however, which makes me start to think of it more as Peter Pan’s Neverland…no pixie dust needed to fly in SL…lol.

The SLurl I’m providing will drop you into the forest at the center of a mushroom circle, ready to begin your adventures. Be sure to look around the forest a little before heading out to see the rest of the sim –

Everytime I go to to TNV I find another little nook hidden away. This time I fell through some dense foliage into a great little hidden alcove, covered in pillows and even a nice comfy bed with some cuddle poses 😉 So leave no rock unturned… And don’t forget to make your way to the gypsy caravan down by the river to experience dancing, having your tarot reading, cuddling or just relaxing in the grass. Check out additional pictures from our exploring adventure at

NOTE: This sim is best explored wearing a pair of wings…IMHO, and at the very least with a pair of pointy ears. I promise you won’t be disappointed with this place. Let us know what you think.

See ya in world! – G


One Response to “Tol Narwa Vire (TNV): A little elvish role playing among the gypsies…”

  1. phemie alcott Says:

    Congratulations Gavin! What a great blog. The photos are great. I will def be checking out some of these places. Woot!

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