Rainy Town @ Creamshop: Who says you can’t shop during an electrical storm!

Rainy Town: A nice shot of central Rainy Town…
and the lightning is not Photoshopped

Talk about a place with lots of atmosphere…lol. Rainy Town has all the atmosphere, and rain, and lightning, and fog you could ever imagine a virtual sim containing. I was directed by a friend to this build because she says it’s a great place to shop…but I was more interested in how the place had been put together. This blog is mostly about cool builds in SL ya know? ; )

When you first rez into rainy town, you’re in a dark sewer pipe…the smell wasn’t too overpowering though…chuckling. The entry point is actually of very simple design compared to the sim beyond. A motley band of furry Rainy Town natives are camped out at the entrance to welcome travellers to town. The SLurl to access this area is http://slurl.com/secondlife/CREAMSHOP/128/128/22.

I have to admit it takes alot for a build to inspire awe for me now in SL, but as I exited the sewer pipe into the middle of Rainy Town I was speechless for a brief second. I’m not sure there are many places in SL that have done a better job of simulating stormy weather than here. The lighning was very cool and randomly scripted. It was so realistic that I almost thought I could hear my mom yelling at me to get out of the rain…lol.

The buildings and shops in town are extremly ecclectic, and my strolling took me by the ice cream shop, an old hotel room complete with Coleco-vision, and a vintage vinyl store. The sim is also home to Creamshop, a popular retailer specializing in everything from clothing to ornamental deer (see my Flickr pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/gavingarfield/sets/72157615393240540/).

So grab your umbrella and your rain boots and go check out Rainy Town at the Creamshop sim. I think you’ll enjoy the experience.


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