Moving forward

It’s been a couple of days since the initial creation of the SL World Explorers blog and I’m ready to start posting meaningful content. I’ve been going through old landmarks (LM’s) of all the places I’ve explored over the past couple of year…and geez, the list is fairly extensive. Sports complexes, role playing areas, goth landscapes, music venues, haunted mansions, romantic hideaways, underwater environments, space, other countries, water parks, universities, churches and fantasy worlds; I’ve been to them all with a quick click of the teleport button. Many of the places I’ve marked as favorites have endured, but many have also disappeared, been rebuilt or have been replaced by the vivid imaginings of someone else.

So, I’ve decided to go back and revisit a few of my favorite places to start with. I’d like to post at least 2 entries per week along with any posted by friends of mine. I’ve made some great friends in Second Life over the past several years including several SLebrities…woot! I’m hoping I can interest them in adding their own flavor to this blog for me. I’ll also be uploading all photos taken while exploring to my Flickr account at

The image used in the header of this blog was taken at The Space Between the Trees by AM Radio, a great place for taking pics. The lighting is perfect : ) Check back soon for more cool places to visit…


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